For Sale: 2017 jimmys podium chassis


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Mar 3, 2020
King city CA
17 jimmys bloodline podium 1 3/4”chassis Candy red powder coated

Ls3 525 with hot cam, Holley throttle body

Holley dominator EFI ECU. Ron Davis radiator with duel 16” spall fans. CBR 12” fan oil cooler.

Monster heavy duty th400 transmission with Hughes 2200 stall converter. CBR duel 10” fan oil cooler. Two races on trans

2.0 Atlas transfer case with 1350 yokes

Torq super 14 drop out 3rd members. Spooled with 538 gears


Torq built housing with D60s knuckles with solid industries 8-6.5 hubs. Willwood brakes. RCV 300m 35 spline custom shafts with CV


Torq built housing with solid industries D60 spindles and 8-6.5 hubs. Willwood brakes. RCV 300m 35 spline custom shafts. East bay drive lines. 1350’s

32 gal custom fuel safe fuel cell with duel in tank pumps. Yellow foam. All new setup before KOH19.

Warn 9000lb winch with 100ft of nylon winch rope. New rope KOH19.

Prp seats, harnesses and window nets

60w Rugged radio and intercom

Rugged duel pumper, all new KOH19

Safe craft fire suppression system

PAC sway bar, arms and links

Fk rod ends on links and tie rods

Psc pump and 1 piece ram

KC light bar, 4-2” KC cube lights. rock lights and work lights under hood and above fuel cell

17” raceline beadlock wheels.

Tires and suspension can be set up for 4400 or 4800.


40” Yokohama m\t’s

2.0 rad flow coil overs

2.5 rad flow bypass

14” on front

16” on rear

2.0 fox bumps


37” Yokohama m/t’s

3.0” fox ibp coil overs

14” on front

16” on rear

2.0 fox bumps

Spare parts

10 8-6.5 raceline wheels

1 set of front rcv 300m axles

2 sets of rear rcv 300m axles

3 sets of drivlines

Small misc parts like inner axle seals, king pin parts, hub pucks, wheel studs and bunch of other little stuff.

Finished 8th in 4800 class KOH19

This car has only been in 5 races and has finished all of them. 60k





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