For Sale: 4 Seat Rock Crawler 14,500 SLC, Utah

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Rock Crawler 4 Seater

JEEP SAFARI!!! This is a great rig and will go over anything that you put in front of it and is very reliable. I hate to sell it and know I will later regret it, but I have a young family now and my interests and hobbies have changed.

Build List:

· Chopped and tubed from the dash back

· Custom cage with 1 ¾” tubing

· 4.0 L. engine with upgrades

· Fuel cell

· Atlas II 5.0

· Auto transmission

· 40” Creepy Crawler Stickies with lots of tread on Trail Ready Bead locks

· 120” wheelbase

· High pinion Ford Dana 60 front with a new Detroit locker and ring and pinion used only once.

· Ford Dana 70 rear with Lincoln locker

· Hydraulic assist

· Warn 9000 winch with new cable

· New front drive line

· 3 link in front

· 4 link in rear

· Ac compressor converted to onboard air tapped into 2 tanks used as rock sliders, works great for air tools and filling tires with no problems. A MUST HAVE!!!

· Heater works great

· 4 bucket seats with full harnesses

· Misc. headlights, rock lights, CB radio, red top optima battery

I am certain there are things I am missing. Moab was its playground and accomplished every top rated trail and other obstacles there.

I will also include my PJ trailer with trailer brakes used to haul it around.

Contact Jake (801) 910-4504


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