For Sale: '93 Jeep Grand Cherokee - 4.0 Limited

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Trying to get rid of my Jeep GC. It has been a great companion but it is time to say good bye. I am asking $1500 for it. It just hit the 100k mark in mileage, however the body is rusting on the roof and just starting on the hood. Gotta love the Chrystler paint that year...the whole paint job is flaking off so you get a three-tone car (white, primer grey, and rust red). The motor is still in great shape and runs well the interior has been kept clean. I was planning on making this a wheeling vehicle but don't have the time or the means. It would make a great project car for anyone interested. Send me a note if you would like some pictures. I am located in Charlotte, NC.
Need a larger crawler project than a Jeep? Got this 1976 Chevy Shortbed with 4" lift & 33" Goodyear Wranglers that runs good and 4x4 works. Truck has had no other modifications, and is street legal with clear title -- See it at
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