BFG Stickies (RED LABEL)

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Wheelin the counter top
Dec 21, 2013
Redding CA
We have great pricing on BFG Red Label 37", 39" and 42" and awesome customer service. So givve us a call 530-255-4302
Take a look at out website for other great deals at

Looks very interesting, I should include this in my shopping list specially now that I need a new set of mud tires.
BF Goodrich has increased prices on Dec 1st. Including (MAP) "minimum advertised pricing". So unfortunately we had to increase or price.
We will meet or beat advertised prices of our competitors if they are within the BF Goodrich approved pricing.
We appreciate your understanding, and please contact us, if you have any question or need a price match at 530-255-4302

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