For Sale: Built 2002 TJ Crawler

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I'm new to the rock crawling scene, and have ran across this 2002 TJ doing some trading in it and need knowledgeable opinions on what it's worth. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Its a point and shoot TJ that you can drive 70mph to the trail, beat on it all day then drive home. The full hydro takes some getting use to on the road but its never bothered me. I dont have a rear seat but I built the cage with head room for one if you wanted to move the cell and swag racks. Under the skin its more like a buggy with the engine cage tied to the fenders, grill hoop, rockers. The cage is tied to the frame and rockers in 8 spots as well.

2002, 44k miles. 4.0. 3 speed auto.
-StaK 3 speed monster box.
-dana 60. ARBs. All Yukon 35 spline shafts with super joints. Yukon joints up front. Solid knuckles, arms and diff covers. Custom trusses. 5.13s. Disk brakes
-2.5 14" kings up front. 2" coils and bilsteins out back.
-single triangulated 4 link front and great. 2.5" solid ALU links and 1.25 ruffstuff heims out back and lower fronts. 2" with 7/8 heims up top on the front.
-PSC double ended ram setup
-42" MTRKs (DOT) 90%
-trailready HDs with world rings
-Cage 1 3/4 DOM mix of .120 and .188. Ties to the cage/rockers in 8 places. Full one piece ALU roof. I have the OE top but i have not fit it to this cage. Also comes with half doors.
-RCI fuel cell wit factor pump and Artec mount
- swag racks X2
-savvy corners
-kilby York OBA setup off engine. 2.5 gal tank and two hose hookups.
-griffin radiator and fan
-wiring. Has a custom harness for all the accessories. Per wired for a bunch of lights. In cab winch control
-warn 9500
-i pulled off the evap can but I still have it if you need it for emissions. I also pulled the airbags out.
-corbu SS seats with 4 points
-cutting brakes (need blead)
-needs finished/ bad
-Its not a show jeep and it shows in places. The tub/widsheild has been kissed a few times. The hood flew up on me one day (needs replaced)
-radiator leaks
-needs paint (all the tube work)
-anti rock needs links built


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