For Sale: Built XJ crawler, tons,linked,custom half doors, caged


Only selling so I can buy a friends buggy...$8500 or $7500 without tires and wheels
Built by Clayton Off road and unlimited Motorsports...
91 Jeep Cherokee
ax15 with new heavier flywheel and Kevlar clutch
np231 case hd slip yoke eliminator

Front Dana 60 high pinion 538 gears arb airlocker 35 spline inner and 35 spline outer chromoly shafts with rock crusher drive flanges and rock crusher diff cover new brakes complete high steer all new bearings
Rear Dana 60 538 gears full spool
rock crusher diff cover

Tires and Wheels
40x13.5x18 Baja Claw Stickys (5)
18" Trailready Double Beadlocks

Clayton long arm front all Clayton brackets on front 60
Custom Clayton 4 link kit long arm front and rear
Clayton Under belly skid plate

Flowmaster super 40 exhaust
new drive shafts 1350 yokes
Air compressor and 2 gallon air tank
Full roll cage with seats tied in
Front and rear bumpers
Redneck ram hydro assist kit
TNT customs rock rails
Tubed Rear
Custom Half doors
Protofab front and rear bumpers

only thing it needs to wheel is a new front inner shaft, and replace a part In the arb.."I have the new piece for the locker"
Located in warrior run pa 18706

Joel Adams

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Thanks for the pics. That PBR shift knob is sweet btw. I have been looking at your rig for about a week, so I put my jeep up on Craigslist and once it is sold I will try to get approval for a loan and then go and buy some new shoes for it. And didn't you save it needed a part for the arb locker and an inner shaft for the front right?


yeah needs driver side inner front shaft "I'm ordering one today" and it needs the housing seal replaced in the locker....I have a brandnew housing seal for the locker just didnt put it in yet because the shaft needed to be replaced anyway....why rip it apart twice.....

Joel Adams

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Gotcha. From what your saying I'm getting the impression the owner will be replacing both of those parts so all I will need to bring are the new shoes for it?


not necessarily lol, depends on if I have time, parts will def go with it but I don't know if I'll have time to do the work with my work schedule


Last chance, I've pretty much decided to start cutting it up and go the buggy route with it instead of buying a buggy...


eternal noobie
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Those photos almost don't look real...seems scale sized ;)