For Sale: CA/USA 1 Ton Ranger Crawler on 44's

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Well, it is time to part ways with the beloved Ranger. I have had this truck in one form or another since I was 15 years old. It is crazy capable and fun. Located in Morgan Hill, CA

$12k Free delivery within 2 hours of Morgan Hill, or $2/mile for longer distance.

Truck has performed very well at trails like the Rubicon, Fordyce, the Hammers, and dominates Hollister.

Build thread:

88 Reg Cab Ranger Frame
90 Extendo Cab
2.9 Liter V-6 (fancy)
Mitu Trans 5-speed, with new Luk clutch
Stubler Doubler BW1350-1354 (120:1 crawl ratio). I have never broken the transfer case, but I have rebuilt it numerous times.
Engine/transmission/transfer case mounted with poly bushings
DOM/ .25 plate belly skid
Green Sticker
Diehard Platinum Battery
LED light bar
Corbeau suspension seats with harnesses
Rear Mounted Aluminum radiator with Taurus fan
126" wheel base.

Front End:
88 High Pinion King Pin 60, 5.13's, Welded, Trussed, Plated Knuckles, HighSteer, PSC Full Hydro system with double Ended Ram, 35 Spline Yukons with Flanges.
3 Link with Pan Hard (2" .25wall DOM with 1.25" Heims for links and Panhard)
18" 2.5" SAW Airshocks with Tri-Nitrate Coated Shafts
Smittybuilt 8k suck down winch

Rear End:
63" Chevy Springs, Redrilled
P2" SAW Airshocks in back w/ leafs
Eaton H072 with Discs. Shaved housing, Trussed welded, 5.14s

Full Exo around Cab, and caged front to back. All tubing is 1.75" .120wall DOM.

Center frame is fully boxed with 1/4. All link mounts are beef, with 1/4 or 3/8's tabs with 1/4 strengthening around bolt holes. All of the chassis and cage was welded with a Millermatic 250.

44" Pitbull Rockers
Performance Cryogenics Recentered H1 Double Beadlock Wheels, Trailworthy Fab PVC Inserts

Spare t-case
Spare 42" Swamper with wheel
2 fenders (stock need to be cut to fit)
2 full doors
Misc Heims
Anti-wrap bar
Misc spare parts




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