Del Albright

Trail Access Advocate
Jul 29, 2011

A Date with a Paper PlateBy Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador

I am convinced our future lies in not leaving our past behind...

NOTE: We must pack it in and pack it out when recreating in the back country and on our trails. We need to set the example and show our kids how to be responsible in our pursuit of motorized and non-motorized recreation.

There I was, lying in the cupboard, minding my own business like any good napkin, when this paper plate starts coming on to me. Oh, she was cute all right, all decked out in flowers and looking good. But like any single male napkin, I played hard to get and not interested.
She kept chatting away, being all flirty, and finally I started to like the way things were shaping up. Hey, you never know, she might be the one.
She kept telling me that we should get together and go on a date. You know how paper plates can be. Pretty soon my resistance waned and I gave in to a date. We decided to give it a shot and I thought that this might just work out great.
Then, old what’s-his-face decided to take us on a picnic out in the woods. He loaded us up in his old truck and off we went.
Next thing I know I’m on this picnic table with a bunch of other paper products and old what’s-his-face has a bunch of his friends gathered around eating greasy chicken. But my date is nowhere to be found. I don’t see her anywhere. Now I figured I’ve been stood up. You know how paper plates can be.

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