Hey All, crawlin in Reno


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Just sayin Hey ! been runnin creek beds and various other rock garden type places for the last 6 years + in both a 76 Cj5 , 8" of spring lift, full width 14 bolt rear and high pinion D44 front with arbs. Added a set of 38.5s to go with an Atlas T case for some serious crawl. Then a 95 ZJ with 5 1/2" short arm lift with 4.56s, 33s locked F/R and some pretty stout bottom and side steel armor, not all that impressive but, a heck of a crawler for what it is. Being in Reno I've got easy access to the Rubicon, Fordyce, Slick rock and dozens of other mostly unknown trails in the Sierra's as well as the high desert so I keep the Cj and the ZJ pretty busy. See ya
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Clean looking CJ5! Welcome!

We moved a few months back to SW Utah and are loving it...SO much wheeling opportunity!


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Hello Woody, looks like you have an impressive collection of wheelers there, nice ! lol A few years back I spent a couple of weeks in the Rockville, Springdale area messin around in the hills there......pretty cool area and I'll never forget that trip as I managed to twist off an axle and it turned into a fiasco and actually an unexpected overnight before gettin it swapped out. Anyway, I liked the area a lot, not too much different from the reno and surrounding area........"Rock on" !
Jeep is looking great Troutman. I finally got our CJ5 (74) running. Doing a carb rebuild now.