For Sale: Jeep Cherokee 1993 Rock Crawler

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RUBICON TESTED! 93 Jeep XJ Custom built off road/rock crawler. Built specifically for the Rubicon Trail in CA. Long arm suspension, 33 inch Coopers on alloys, Billstein shocks, lockers, alloy axles, rear disk brakes, custom high steering, sub framed, sliders and well armored. Custom 8 point roll cage, winch mounted bumpers rear swing out spare carrier, on board air system for lockers and widened fender wells with one inch tube reinforcements and vented hood. AX-15 5 speed with heavy duty clutch and hand throttle mounted to gear shift. NP-231 transfer case with heavy duty chain and SYE. Dana 30 front alloy axles braced C's sleaved tubes. Rear Chrysler 8.25 shaved 29 spline alloy axles disc brake conversion.

I built this jeep specifically to take on the Rubicon Trail 2 years ago and promised my wife it was going to be a solid vehicle and wouldn't break down days away from beginning of the trail. It was an awesome trip and the jeep served us well. It gave us a lot of great memories, not to mention the stories to tell around the camp fire for years to come! It is an incredible vehicle, turn key adventurer, virtually unstoppable and still road worthy. I hate to sell it, but I just don't use it much and it sets. There is just not enough room to list all the upgrades done to this jeep. For more information, phone calls or texts are best 509-496-0914 or home at 509-276-2801. I am locatws in WA State. I don't check email often. Asking $5,900. Thank you for your interest.


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