For Sale: Jeep truck

1960 FC-170 Jeep truck.
Chevy 350 built by Racing Head Service with less than 50 miles on it.
TurboHydramatic 350, NP 205 transfer case
stock axles; front: Dana 40 with TruTrac diff, rear: Dana 53 with Willys Power Lock
tires: Gumbo Monster Mudders 15/38.5-15. The rubber is checked but there is a lot of tread remaining and they have new inner tubes.
I lived by the ocean for a long time so the truck is very rusty. It is fast and it climbs like a gecko. It doesn't have trick suspension but I proved it can climb by doing this: I wrapped my tow strap around the sedan post of a Ford LTD that had no wheels on it. I towed that car sideways up the steepest hill I could find and my tires didn't even spin (that was the hardest I ever laughed). I'm retired and I don't play with these things, anymore. I will sell this for less than I paid for the engine alone... $3,500. I will throw in a spare Chevy 350. It is a Mr. Goodwrench with only a few hundred miles on it.
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