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Dec 31, 2016
Have posted this on Pirate but will share here. Had a 18' 10k nice car hauler style trailer but it weighed 2800lbs alone with a 23" deck height. As I really only ever use the trailer for the rig I decided to build a smaller dedicated trailer. First I wanted it as low as possible and no wider than the rig with driver over fenders.

Initial cad drawing for some dimensions and visualization. Bugy is 110" WB and also drew a friends 124" rig to see if it would fit ok:

I scored a pair of 7k axles with bent beams for cheap. I originally toyed with making the single axle but ended up going tandem for road redundancy. If I had a bearing/axle failure could easily jack up and chain one axle and run on the other without being overloaded. Since I wanted drop spindles the width I wanted was a custom size and to buy bare beams would be around $800. I ordered 7k drop spindles and a length of 3" DOM and built my own. I found the spec for the castor to be 1.5 degree per side. I ended up doing .7 degrees since I'm not running the weight they are designed for but my springs are inboard a little more than spec too, so have a little more leverage on them.

Here was building the axles:


Start of the frame, installing spring hangers, ramp, and light provisions. Frame is 2x4x.120 rectangle tube:



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Dec 31, 2016
Scored six barely used 215/75R16 tires from a dually chevy. That tire is shorter than the typical 225R16 trailer tire so gain a little extra lowering there. Friend has some nice alcoa wheels so picked those up too.



Build the fender frames from 2x1x.120 rectangle tube. They were about the hardest thing to build to keep all the same angle and flat. Use my big I-beam and some creative clamping to build a jig to do them.



Skinned the fenders with 14ga and dropped the skins down 1/2" then added 1/2" angle cleats for traction.



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Dec 31, 2016
Used some expanded for the buggy deck


Added an 8k drop leg jack, spare tire mount, and rear drop legs for loading without ramps. Painted hammered grey to mach buggy chassis.


Weighed it at this point so I could start the homemade trailer title/license process with the state


Built some small ramps in case have to load a disabled rig. Built them to be able to also make the fender climb more gradual if needed also. The stow inside the fender area and use a bolt with same size head as lug nuts to keep them tight/rattle free then a pin through bolt in case they come loose they can't come off.




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Dec 31, 2016
Shot with the rig with 43s on the trailer


And a shot on the road to show the width and height.


So far have around 1000 miles on the trailer and been working great. Is nice in small areas to jocky around nice and tight to the truck.


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Jan 31, 2012
I have one I built out of an old Demco car trailer, like the ones rental companies use. Mine is a little heavier as well. 12' deck. 7k axles. 215-85-16 tires.
Tows great, I have several thousand miles on it now. I had MAC make me some basket straps that will hold up to a 39" tire for the front and use regualr straps to hold down the rear.
12 demco trailer.jpg
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