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Jan 30, 2017
Hey woody hows it going? hows Sam doing? There's a kid up here that has a bent fab car on jhf portals for sale.. i know Sam really likes his.. figured the rear steer might interest him. Figured I'd let ya know so you could pass on the info. How was trail hero bummed i missed out.


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Oct 12, 2010
Toquerville UT
I doubt Sam is selling his anytime soon....but you never know :) He needs to master the current rig before adding levers...lol (I'll master mine someday!)

TH was awesome, and exhausting....I was done Sunday 4p and we left Monday 2p for Hot Springs AR for another event. The 1400 mile drive was a welcome recovery from the week, but the team pulled it off and it went great :) Headed to Branson tmrw for some tourist stuff, home by the weekend.