ROCKCRAWLER Tom Wood's 231 Short Shaft Kit


As we pointed out before, this is the rear output bearing housing for a YJ with a normal 231 transfer case. The 231J rear bearing housing is a one-piece design which doesn't allow the addition of an "output cone" which is an integral feature to this transfer case conversion. This old-style rear bearing housing bolts up to our 231J transfer case perfectly. The housing is Mopar Part#4741243 and is available from Tom Wood for $45.

If you have a vehicle with a normal 231 transfer case, you will not need this component.

This is why we need the above 231 rear output housing. This "output cone", or rather what was at once an output cone acts as the housing for the rear output seal.

The low cost of Tom's Short Shaft Kit is derived from things like reworking existing parts to function differently with little or no compromise to strength, and saving money in the long run. This output yoke was impeccably adapted for use with the short shaft kit.

This is the output flange... the rear-most portion of the mainshaft that turns the driveshaft. This flange was designed to accomodate a CV-style driveshaft which we discussed in the introduction. The base of the CV assembly bolts up against the flat plate.

Here we have the bolts and lock-washers that fasten the rear driveshaft to the output flange. Above the bolts and washers, you can see a washer and a 3/4" spacer that assist in the installation of the output flange. You will read about that later in the installation.

This is the driveshaft that has made Tom Wood a household name in the four-wheeling scene. Upon receiving it, I was immediately impressed with its workmanship, quality, and all-out visible beefiness. It's more a work of art and I felt my rig unworthy of such a shaft!

You can see the CV assembly on the far end and the slip-shaft under the accordian boot as opposed to a transfer case output yoke location.

The disassembly begins as we pull the transfer case and break apart the rear output housing on PAGE 3.

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