ROCKCRAWLER Tom Wood's 231 Short Shaft Kit

For the sake of convenience, and to better document the procedure, we removed the transfer case from the vehicle and did all the work on the bench. Please note that you do not have to remove the transfer case from the vehicle to perform the installation. Its approximately 4 to 6 hours of serious back-time for the novice, unless you have an extra-comfortable creeper!


Drain the transfer case and detach the rear driveshaft. Make sure you dispose of the ATF properly, and watch those u-joint bearing caps! That extra shaft will come in handy someday, though you will need to have it modified. Tom can do this if you send it back to him.


Detach the front output yoke. Detaching this yoke will make it a lot easier to disassemble and re-assemble the chain and gears inside the transfer case.


The mainshaft on the rear output location on the transfer case has a thin metal slinger on over it. You will most likely have to destroy your slinger because it is on extremely tight and is extremely fragile. Whatever you do to remove it, carefully try to avoid damaging the mainshaft. We removed it by gently tapping away the edge with a chisel.

NOTE: This part does not exist on regular 231 transfer cases.


Immediately following the removal of the slinger, you will come to a snap-ring on top of a seal. With snap-ring pliers, carefully remove the snap-ring, and then go ahead and pull out the seal. You will not be using the seal again.

NOTE: This part does not exist on regular 231 transfer cases.


Yet another snap-ring prevents us from further dismantling the rear output bearing housing. Go ahead and use your snap-ring pliers to remove it. Make sure you are keeping track of where you put your snap-rings. You'll be using them again! This one is located immediately next to the rear output bearing.


Great! You've removed all of the seals and snap-rings from the rear output housing. Now the only thing holding this this together is a few bolts and some old silicone.

We'll be dismantling the transfer case housing and pulling the mainshaft on PAGE 4.

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