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Winners:  Unlimited – Justin Hall  ;  Pro Modified – Jason Feuilly  ;  Unlimited Sportsman – Nathan Osburn  ; Stock Sportsman – Jeremy Eaton

Trail GearPLACERVILLE, CA   JULY 28, 2013:  When the final round of W.E. Rock Trail-Gear Western Pro Rock Crawling started in Goldendale, Washington on Saturday morning, three ProMod drivers were tied for first place.  By the end of the weekend the winners of the event would also decide the Season Series winners and more exceptional stories of sportsmanship would be created and shared with many. Read More→

Trail Gear 2-gallon fluid containerTired of having fluids bouncing around in the back of your truck, buggy, and/or off-road vehicle? Our TG 2-Gallon Carrier is your solution to this problem. The TG 2-Gallon Carrier organizes and secures gallon jugs of your automotive fluids.

Our TG 2-Gallon Carriers are CNC laser cut and formed out of 16 gauge steel. The latch is a topquality spring draw latch with a 200lb breaking force that features a safety catch to prevent accidental openings. Predrilled mounting holes are included so you have the option of bolting it on or welding it on to your rig. Shipped raw & ready to paint. Read More→

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Creeper Locks Beadlock Wheels

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Creeper Locks 142000-1-KIT-alt1What are Creeper Locks? Creeper Locks are Trail-Gear’s very own, super strong, heavy duty wheels. These wheels look great and come at an affordable Trail-Gear price! Creeper Locks are 17″ X 9″ wheels made from a solid piece of aluminum. Each wheel weighs a whopping 45 lbs with locking ring and hardware. These are no ordinary aluminum wheels, Creeper Locks™ are super tough and built to last. Each wheel is cast with the inner beadlock as part of the wheel. All 24 of the bolt holes on the wheel have steel Time-Serts® installed to prevent the bolts from galling. Drop down inner lip centers tire on to wheel during mounting. Read More→

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300861-2-KITTrail-Gear is expanding our Creeper Lock Wheel line to include wheels for TJs, Ford Rangers, and many other applications! Creeper Locks are 17″ X 9″ wheels with a backspacing of 3.75″ standard (4.25” and 5” backspacing available upon request. Call your favorite Authorized Trail-Gear Dealer or TG Customer Service for lead time and pricing). Each wheel is made from a solid piece of aluminum and weighs a whopping 45 lbs with locking ring and hardware. These are no ordinary aluminum wheels, Creeper Locks™ are super tough and built to last. Each wheel is cast with the inner beadlock as part of the wheel. All 24 of the bolt holes on the wheel have steel Time-Serts® installed to prevent the bolts from galling. Drop down inner lip centers tire onto wheel during mounting. Available with your choice of Polished Aluminum or anodized Burnt Orange Beadlock Ring. Read More→

300384-KIT-alt1The TG Side-by-Side Battery Box will keep your battery where you want it, even on the toughest rocks and trails. We have all seen the results of batteries not held in place securely, or held in place by bungie cords: fire and sparks. The TG Side-by-Side Battery Box can either be welded or bolted into place with mounting holes located on the bottom of the battery box. Bolts on the back side allows for two battery boxes to be bolted together to form a four battery holder. The TG Side-by-Side Battery Box is CNC laser cut and formed form 12 gauge steel and is shipped unfinished. Once the TG Side-by-Side Battery Box has been mounted, you simply remove the three bolts and the top lifts off allowing you to remove or install the battery in minutes. The TG Side-by-Side Battery Box can either be mounted behind your seat or cab due to its “flat back” design. The TG Side-by-Side Battery Box works with any optima 34/78 group battery.

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180325-1-KITReplace your restrictive factory air filter/box with the Rock Ripper™ Performance Line Extreme
Air Intake System. Kits available for 1995-2000 2.7L Tacoma/4Runner, 2001-2004 2.4L
Tacoma and 2001-2004 2.4L or 2.7L Tacoma/4Runner. Read More→

fully-built-rear-axle-housing-altFresno, CA- Trail-Gear, Inc. added to their vast product line with the addition of five new kits Friday, November 16th. Trail-Gear is now offering fully assembled front and rear axles, in addition to expanding their Power Pack line to include applications for 1988-1995 Toyota Hilux and 4Runner models and Creeper Lock™ line to include applications for hub-centric vehicles.

The Trail-Gear Fully Built Front and Rear Rock Assault™ Axles are made entirely of brand new and upgraded components not refurbished junkyard parts. Both axles feature Trail-Gear’s renowned Rock Assault™ Axle Housings. Rock Assault™ Housings provide unparalleled strength due to the 5/16” thick, DOM axle tubes that engage further into the center section and the 360° gusset welded around the tubes on the inside of the housing. The positions of the axle tubes and center section design have been specially engineered to allow for additional ground clearance. Read More→

Scherer Breaks Through at PSC Brawl in Blackwell

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012
November 10th, 2012 – Blackwell, TX: The Nitto Tire National Championship Series came to a finale last weekend  at the PSC Brawl in Blackwell, Texas. The race was held at Texana Ranch and brought together the top 50 Ultra4 drivers from the 4WD Hardware Eastern Regional Series and the Trail-Gear Western Regional Series in a head to head race that had fans on the edge of their seat. The top four finishers completed the 176 miles within 4 minutes of each other with third place Chris Hoyt and fourth place Mike Colville coming in literally nose to tail across the finish line. Read More→

Fresno, CA-Trail-Gear expanded its Rock Ripper™ line with the addition of an Extreme Air Intake for the 1995-1998 3.4L Toyota Tacoma with V6 engine, which it released earlier this month. The Trail-Gear 3.4L V6 Tacoma Rock Ripper™ Extreme Air Intake can also be used on 1995-1998 Toyota 4Runners with the same engine. It will work on both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles. This product will allow consumers to stay on the trails longer before vehicle performance drops off due to a clogged filter. Read More→

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Fresno, CA-In response to customer requests Trail-Gear, Inc. has expanded their Trail Spike product line with the addition of Trail Spikes sized for smaller tubing and released a variety of ARB products for sale individually beginning Friday, October 19th.

“Along with the success and popularity of the 1.75-inch O.D. tubing Trail Spikes, we have received a lot of our customers asking for Trail Spikes for 1.5-inch O.D. tubing,” explains Aaron Young, Trail-Gear Engineer. “The Trail Spikes were a fun project, so I was happy to re-visit them to give the customers what they want.” The new, smaller Trail Spikes can be welded on to any 1.5-inch O.D. x .120 wall tubing in place of an end cap. They are made of 2 inches of solid steel and retail for $27 a pair via the Trail-Gear website. Read More→

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Fresno, CA- Trail-Gear, Inc. is expanding their offerings for FJs with the release of two new steering kits for FJ80s. Trail-Gear is also expanding their Trail Tag line with the addition of Trail Tags for their rear bumpers and tube doors. All four products are available for purchase beginning today (Friday, September 28).

Trail-Gear is now offering a heavy duty upgrade to the stock FJ80 Tie Rod. The stock Tie Rod is easily bent when the vehicle is taken off-road. Trail-Gear’s FJ80 Heavy Duty Tie Rod Kit includes TG’s Heavy Duty FJ80 Tie Rod Ends and Tie Rod tubing made from 1.25″ x .250″ wall DOM, making the steering system more capable of handling off-road driving without incident. The rod ends included in the kit are greased for life, sealed, and include the cotter pin and jam nut. The Tie Rod is precision tapped with left- hand threads marked. Each rod is test fitted to ensure rod ends thread in with correct fit. The Trail-GearFJ80 Heavy Duty Tie Rod Kit works on 1990-1997 Toyota Land Cruisers (FJ80s). Read More→

Fresno, CA- Trail-Gear, Inc., widely known for the affordability of their products, has just added steel beadlock wheels to their Creeper Lock™ line today (Friday, September 14). “Beadlocks are expensive. We wanted to offer wheelers an affordable option for outfitting their vehicles,” explained Bob Herold, Trail-Gear Vice-President of Product Development and Sales. “These beadlocked wheels are a great value. They are an excellent entry-level off-road wheel that won’t empty the customer’s bank account.” Read More→