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Oct 12, 2010
Toquerville UT
A few more tweaks....'

Still fighting the air intake noise....added a resonator (minimal change), enclosed the filter cover and pulling air thru the floor pan (minimal change) added more foam to the filter cover (helped some), and wrapped the aluminum tube with insulation. It's annoying...considering running a Donaldson-type filter ($100) from Volant to see what that does, and a better/custom airbox with that.

I need to get the computer positive on a constant hot line, rather than switched with the master cutoff....prevent the computer from having to relearn every time I turn off the master.

Exhaust turndown is ordered and will be on shortly.

Nitrogen is currently 70 front and 55 rear, with ~3.75-4" of shock showing. Better for trails and normal riding....testing the pressure tomorrow.

Waiting on some pics from the last couple days, was out mapping with Jake (CartoTracks), Glen/Kimberly Plake, Steve Marquardt and Colt (#bleepincolt)....ran Chain Reaction, Smurfette and The Fallen on Wednesday and pinned a few named obstacles for the map (like Kitty's Sandbox), then ran 777's and War Machine on Thursday. Wet weather make War Machine more of a 12/13 rating, instead of the 11 it should be. Finally getting a "bit" more comfortable with the capabilities and learning what to do and when.

Jesse blew his motor in Supercrawl at Trail Hero on Thursday and ran his newly finished JHF Trail during Trail Breaker....he was very impressed with how balanced his car was and how it performed at that level.

My WARN 9.0RC got a workout at Trail Hero....6-7 rollover recoveries during SuperCrawl and I winched all 11 competitors on Stage1 during Trail Breaker....Kalif won again (badass!) and named it "Slip and Slide"...with good reason :D

Had a handful of people comment on my 50' of 5/16" JM Rigging line on the winch....given the car weighs 3200ish pounds (estimate) I see no issue with a break strength of 14,850# and being able to run a full 50', while greatly reducing the need to respool mid-recovery should it overload on one side of the drum. I carry a 40' JM Rigging extension if needed. :)
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