Easter Jeep Safari 2000
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Story by George Jessup, Mt. Shasta, CA

Easter Jeep Safari 2000

Follow George and Jake at Easter Jeep Safari

A big thanks to George from Rockcrawler.com:
Thanks so much to George Jessup for spening his time sending us daily reports during his Moab trip. Also, a very big thanks to Erik at 4 Wheel of Moab for helping George get us the digitals every day.

A word of thanks from George:
This week thus far has been awesome! You have got to make this a trip someday. Even you non-wheelers. This place is inspiring to the soul. Also, WOW! Man, I thought I knew what hard core was! Seeing it with my own eyes gives me a whole new perspective on it. Oh yeah... I have got to thank Rich, because without his generous allowance of my using his camera, these daily post would not be possible! Rich I got a UV filter for it to protect it's lens. Also, a big thanks to Erik for the use of the computer, friendship etc.. He was swamped working and I am sure I was in his way and we owe you for putting up with the inconveniences.

Day 1 Murphy's Law
Day 2 Angels Among Us
Day 3 Late Arrival & Moab Rim
     MORE ADDED May 1!!!
Day 4 Golden Spike
Day 5 Heldorado
Day 6 Bump Dump
Day 7 Upper and Lower Heldorado
Day 8 The Proving Ground
     MORE ADDED May 1!!!
Day 9 Last Day of Fun
Day 10 Heading Home






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