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TeamLucasCORONA, Calif. (Feb. 19, 2013) -Toyota has renewed its agreement with Team Lucas to be the presenting sponsor of the CBS Sports Spectacular for 12 one-hour network television broadcasts and have the Toyota Tundra as the Official Truck of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series for the 2013 season.

Toyota’s power block on the CBS Sports Spectacular features many of the Team Lucas series racing portfolio: the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series and Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League. Read More→


The 2012 face lift 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser features updated head lamps, grille and bumper designs which led to the requirement for a new ARB Deluxe bar design.

With all the same features, the most noticeable difference from the previous model ARB deluxe bar is that the outer tube frame now extends from the coined edge of the wing instead of from the top surface. Additionally, all bars now have provisions for parking sensors with plastic blanking caps being supplied for models without this option. For models fitted with forward facing camera, a relocation kit is available. Read More→

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA    DECEMBER  20, 2011  –  Chris Brandt #82 BFGoodrich / Toyota Pro Lite Unlimited Truck added two more podiums to the list of successful accomplishments in the 2011 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series at the final race in Phoenix, Arizona at Firebird Raceway.  Finishing third in the 15th race of the season on Saturday, Brandt secured the Second Place Championship for the 2011 season.  On Sunday, in a hard fought Challenge Cup battle including Pro Buggies, Brandt finished second taking home a $10,000 check.  “There is no doubt we tried everything to jump into that first place position, and although we didn’t get the checker flag first, we continued our streak of consistent podium finishes,” said Chris Brandt after the 14th podium of the season.  “I would like to thank BFGoodrich, Toyota and all my family and friends that crew for me every weekend.  It works so well with the whole family being involved.  We know everyone’s going to get the job done and it’s in everyone’s heart to do it well.” Read More→

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA    DECEMBER  6, 2011  –  Chris Brandt #82 BFGoodrich / Toyota Pro Lite Unlimited Truck will be at the final round of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in Phoenix, Arizona at Firebird Raceway this Saturday, December 10th.  With 12 podium finishes Brandt has lead the points all season but fell 3 points behind Brian Deegan after the last Las Vegas rounds. “This weekends race is the last chance to determine the series champion.  With only 3 points separating Deegan and I, you know it will be the must see race of the season!” said Chris Brandt.  Read More→

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Third and Second Place Finishes

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA  NOVEMBER 11, 2011  –  Chris Brandt #82 BFGoodrich / Toyota Pro Lite Unlimited Truck boldly and proudly wore the Huseman memorial graphic at the Las Vegas Lucas Oil Off Road Race rounds 13 & 14.  Leading the points all season, Brandt finished a respectable 3rd after starting in 17th on Saturday.  Sunday’s 2ndplace finish came after an intense battle with Brian Deegan at the front of the pack which put him on the podium for the 12th time this season.  “I am disappointed in the second place finish on Sunday.  We were battling the whole race and I kept pushing in for the lead,” said Chris Brandt.  “We have one more race in December to determine the series champion.  With only 3 points separating Deegan and I, you know it will be the must see race of the season!” Read More→

Seattle, June 3/ ARB 4×4 Accessories/ — Just released by ARB, a new rear ARB Air locker to suit the new generation Toyota 4Runner (2010+) and Toyota Prado 150 (2009+). With the vehicle updates, Toyota also decided improve the already proven Toyota 8″ axle that has been in service since the 70’s. Luckily ARB Air Locker engineering had access to the new axle early on and was able to develop a product in short time. Read More→

NITRO CHROMOLY Birfields & Axles

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Toyota Trucks & Landcruisers are well known for their strength & reliability all over the world.  Out of the box they feature some pretty great drivetrain, but they do have their limits.   The factory axles are 30 spline at the diff, but neck down to 27 spline at the birfield creating a failure point.  Additionally the factory Birfield joints are not built to withstand the added stress of larger tires and heavy offroad use. Nitro Gear & Axle has addressed this by offering a range of Heavy Duty Chromoly Birfield Joints & Axle Shafts. Read More→

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Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010


Trail-Gear is proud to introduce the newest addition to the Rock Assault™ Axle Housing family, our Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing.  This exclusive axle design is the first in the industry to be released with all new parts. That’s right, our axle housing is not made with 30-year-old used knuckle balls. Our knuckle balls are forged from 1035 steel, making them much stronger then stock, eliminating closed or bent knuckle balls. Read More→

Klune-V “Extreme Underdrive”

Monday, October 19th, 2009

An “Extreme Underdrive” is an underdrive gearbox that bolts in place between the transmission and transfer case. We call it “Extreme,” because the underdrive multiplies your existing gear reduction by 2.7 times (“Goliath” model) or 4 times (“David” model), rather than a usual underdrive/splitter ratio of 1.2 times, or so. With a Klune-V installed. instead of simple high and low range, you get up to four complete transfer ranges:

  1. Both boxes in Hi;
  2. Klune in Hi, Tcase in Lo;
  3. Klune in Lo, Tcase in High;
  4. Both boxes in low.

Gives your vehicle “tractor gears” It is intended for extreme four-wheel-drive applications, rather than towing or gear splitting in a big truck. It works equally well with both manual and automatic transmissions.

Applications available for:

  • Jeeps, all, incl Wrangler, CJ, JK, Rubicon, Cherokee, Commander, J-Truck, etc
  • Ford Early Bronco
  • Ford Full Size (31 spline) Bronco and pickups
  • Chevy 4WD
  • Dodge 4WD, Gas, Cummins, whatever
  • Toyota Land Cruiser with 4sp, or with GM or Ford V8

We have also seen Electric vehicle apps, 2WD apps, Industrial apps.

More info, instruction manuals, articles, applications data, pictures, etc:

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