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Ian Johnson leaves CRAWL2 Media

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

IanIan Johnson announced his resignation as Associate Publisher and Senior Technical Editor of CRAWL magazine.  He is no longer part of the management team ofCRAWL2 Media, LLC.

CRAWL magazine is an offroad magazine that is published bi-monthly by CRAWL2 Media,LLC and is based in Reno, NV.  Ian has been working with CRAWL since 2007 and was part of the ownership team.  Ian has enjoyed his time at CRAWL2 Media, LLC  and wishes the current owners future success. Read More→

More than 60,000 Off-Road Fans Attended This Year

INDIANAPOLIS (October 23, 2102) — Lucas Oil Products, Inc. has agreed to extend its title sponsorship of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo powered by General Tire through 2015. The event, produced by The Promotion Co. Inc. — Family Events of Indianapolis, Indiana, is held annually in October at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. Lucas Oil has been the title sponsor of the Off-Road Expo since Family Events took over the event three years ago. Read More→

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Warn Zeon12 winch on a Ford F150

Warn Zeon12 winch on a Ford F150

Quick and Dirty…Warn Industries has released a new generation of winches, their Zeon Series.  This new series combines legendary Warn reliability with a sleek symmetrical modern design and will not only perform on the hardcore offroad rig, but will look great on your daily driver as well.

Watch for more details in the next few days on the great new Zeon lineup from Warn!




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Ever slipped on a wet garage floor? Now angle that same garage floor to 30 degrees and try walking up it…both the Cooper Tire Discoverer AT3 and the ST Maxx tires were developed to conquer that slick challenge, and perform safely and reliably both on and off the road.

One of the most agonizing choices people make after selecting their new vehicle is choosing replacement tires. Offroad and other motorsports enthusiasts make this worse due to the demands we place on our equipment and the varied use and abuse they may get.

As you go through your options, Cooper Tire is likely one of the candidates. Two of their mid-aggressive tires are the Discoverer AT3 and the ST Maxx. Each of these are excellent choices for both on and off road use for your truck or SUV. Read More→


The United States Marine Corps would like to limit OHV use in Johnson Valley, but a dedicated group of offroaders called the Tin Benders 4×4 Club, whose membership includes families from around the country, hope to stop the Marine base expansion, and are donating funds to help ensure civilians can continue using the largest OHV area in the United States. The Tin Bender Jamboree attracted approximately 400 people and 110 Vehicles were officially registered for the event and therefore eligible for the free prize drawing. Roughly $10,000 was raised for the California Motorized Recreation Council (CMRC), which is leading the fight to save Johnson Valley as a premier destination for off-road motor sports events and family recreation. The Tin Benders $9,500 donation was pushed to $10,000 with a $500 donation from Mike Ruzicka who donated art work for the event T-Shirts. Read More→


AUGUST 22, 2011: The 2012 Jeep Wrangler is hitting the dealerships now, but unless you take the test drive, you may not immediately notice the difference from the 2011.  The 2012 Wrangler is now powered by the aluminum block 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 and that alone is an improvement worth noting.  Horsepower?  40% more, now at 285 hp.  Torque?  10% more, now at 260 lb.-ft.   Match this great powerplant with either the A580 5-speed Automatic or the NSG 370 6-speed Manual and the result is summed up in one word: Fun…simply put, the power made the 2012 Wrangler fun to drive.

For more photos and more info, DISCUSS this article on the Forums

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RockCrawler RZR, Pitbull Rocker XORAs I’ve noted previously, any idiot can purchase new tires, put them on their rig, and give glowing reviews about how well they work.  “Hey, look what I bought, and look how well they work the first day!”  Now, let them sit in the sun for a few months…let them get scarred and gouged on the trails…let the edges wear down and the rubber harden a bit…THAT’s when you toss out your opinion on your tires.

Here is mine on the Pitbull Rocker UBER XOR Extreme Offroad Radials – these tires suck!! Read More→

RockCrawler RZR Videos

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

September 21, 2010

Had the opportunity this past weekend to put the RockCrawler RZR thru it’s higher speed paces.  A friend has 500 acres with a private lake in northern Wisconsin, and parts of the property includes trails for their ATV’s.  We made a few hot lap runs around the 1.7 mile lake loop.

The first video with shot with my buddy Goebs leading on his Honda 4-stroke…chasing the ATV added a bit of perspective to the video, and he was nice enough to keep his speeds down and mostly stay in frame.  Time on this lap was 3:25 and top speed was in the 45 mph range (forgot to reset the GPS…oops)

Video two is the same loop done in reverse, and at night.  Time was not taken on this one, but top speed per the GPS was 41mph.  Notice that around 0:33 in the video, I turned on the 30″ Rigid Industries LED light…major improvement over the dim stockers!

South Dakota, BHCC, Calamity CanyonAs we all know, OEM skidplates are lacking in true protection on any rig.  The plastic skids that come on the Polaris RZR are likely adequate for the casual user, but if you play at all, you’ll find them getting scarred and damaged quickly.  Serious protection and function means upgraded materials and an integrated system…Holz Racing Products does just this when you combine their Pre-Runner Front Bumper with their Skid Plate Kit.

The Holz system adds that serious protection for the underbody of the RZR by utilizing a combination of UHMW and aluminum.  The UHMW is 1/4″ thick and countersunk to use the stock mounting hardware and effectively mimics the stock skid, but adds the advantage of a slippery surface, no ridges to get hung on, and much greater durability.  Combine this with the solid protection of the 3/16″ marine grade 5086 aluminum wrap-around rockers, rear skid and integrated pre-runner bumper/skid and you’ve effectively covered all of the important parts of your RZR’s belly from expensive damage. Read More→

Lighting on any rig is important, for safety and visibility.  Seeing the trail ahead when rock crawling or watching the trail ahead when desert running requires a product that will withstand a great deal of abuse and offer both spot and flood capabilities.   The 30″ Rigid “E” Series Light Bar met all of these requirements…shockproof, combination spot/flood and low power draw.  By using the ATR Dash Brace, the Rigid LED mounts safely below the roofline and away from the front bumper, minimizing glare and potential damage….when you choose a light of this quality, you want it protected! Read More→

D&L Machine RZR Air Box

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

The Polaris RZR air intake system is notorious for not filtering well….the 2008 models had major issues with particles in the throttle body, and while the 2009-2010 models are improved, it’s nothing more than a band-aid over a machete wound.  Don Herman from D&L Machine outside Oklahoma City discovered this issue early on with his 2008 RZR and started hunting down a cure.  Not finding exactly what he wanted, his wife Liz finally told him what he needed to hear:  make it yourself! Read More→

ATR Dash Bar – RockCrawler RZR

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

If you play at all, you are going to flop your RZR…if you play hard, you are likely to do a full roll.  And if you’ve spent any time researching on the internet, you’ve seen the images of the RZR A-pillar bent to one side or the other following a rollover.  The stock RZR rollcage is not the strongest, and while plenty of high quality full replacement aftermarket options exist, there are improvements you can make to your stock cage that will greatly strengthen it and save some money…this is why I chose to install the All Terrain Research Dash Bar w/ V-Brace. Read More→